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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Value-added daily activities

First: Readers always like contents which is processed by the writer itself.they like the unique interpretation of events which occur for the writer. This personal interpretation is a kind of value-added activity.
Second: For the interpretation of events, we need raw materials.where are this materials?
during the day all of us are doing various works. Like check e-mail, Internet search, read the article, talking with others, thinking, walking, looking and ... All of these works can provide raw materials for our initial interpretations.
Third: If during the day we will be able to interpret passed events for several minutes, then write them in our blog and share with others, so we can attract some readers.then we can make a social network of friends and co-workers.and then we can experience a maturity of our mind.

Result: record daily events then process and share them to make life more beautiful!

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