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Monday, November 9, 2009

Internet Entrepreneurship - an emotion database - idea number one

for an entrepreneur who wants to make business online:
The idea title :
an emotion website for life 
Objective: Register and share moments of emotional memory of your life!
How to work: people fill the site with moments of excitement of their life within one or two paragraphs of text.
subjects: moments of your life is full of excitement.
Example: pass the entrance exam ,  fall in love, finding some money, pass the test, fear in darkness, crying, happiness, good news about the others, discovered a new feeling, emotional of friends and ...
Why this idea?: people are interested to know about others emotional helps them  know and manage their emotions
Benefits of Site: informed about others of emotional moments, share them, submit comments about them, to help manage emotions, increased ability to predict for those who have not yet experienced such emotion.

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