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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Internet faxing without fax decive

problem : can I send fax through Internet?
solution : yes!! you can send fax through Internet without need to fax device.

 There are some site on the Internet that provide service to send and receive  faxes.
Suitable for: small companies that are engaged internationally too.
No need to purchase and maintenance  a fax machine
Higher quality images
Can send automatic without operator
Recieve multiple simultaneous Fax es
More information:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ride on Google Waves!

Google Wave is coming soon! It's Google's new products!
As we see Google is going to change traditional Internet Concepts! This time the Email concept is on the target.I think its the continue of 'conversation' concept which first provided in Gmail.A Conversations collects all the mail forward and replies into one conversation.which is so usefull for tracking!
Now! Google engineers see that the common event of each email forwarding and replying between users, is like a Wave riding! So from now you can ride the waves instead of forwarding and replying the mails! ha?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Value-added daily activities

First: Readers always like contents which is processed by the writer itself.they like the unique interpretation of events which occur for the writer. This personal interpretation is a kind of value-added activity.
Second: For the interpretation of events, we need raw materials.where are this materials?
during the day all of us are doing various works. Like check e-mail, Internet search, read the article, talking with others, thinking, walking, looking and ... All of these works can provide raw materials for our initial interpretations.
Third: If during the day we will be able to interpret passed events for several minutes, then write them in our blog and share with others, so we can attract some readers.then we can make a social network of friends and co-workers.and then we can experience a maturity of our mind.

Result: record daily events then process and share them to make life more beautiful!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Internet Entrepreneurship - A website to manage personal costs - the second idea

for entrepreneurs who want to start a new business 
  The idea title
Website to manage monthly personal costs
Objective: to help people better manage their personal expenses during the month
How to work: the details of expenses during the month will be uploaded and the customer will receive analysis and suggestions for improvement and better manage the costs. For example, details such as food costs , transformation costs and and fun costs,etc... will be provided to the site. then Site suggests about how better manage costs. even suggestions about saving money!
Site audience: ordinary people with ordinary incomes
Strengths : the possibility to compare costs with others and improve cost management skills for different people.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Internet Entrepreneurship - an emotion database - idea number one

for an entrepreneur who wants to make business online:
The idea title :
an emotion website for life 
Objective: Register and share moments of emotional memory of your life!
How to work: people fill the site with moments of excitement of their life within one or two paragraphs of text.
subjects: moments of your life is full of excitement.
Example: pass the entrance exam ,  fall in love, finding some money, pass the test, fear in darkness, crying, happiness, good news about the others, discovered a new feeling, emotional of friends and ...
Why this idea?: people are interested to know about others emotional helps them  know and manage their emotions
Benefits of Site: informed about others of emotional moments, share them, submit comments about them, to help manage emotions, increased ability to predict for those who have not yet experienced such emotion.